Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Corrupt DCF Employees Break Up Families

DCF Florida Employees Break Up Families

Corrupt DCF Employees Break Up Families

How I met Dulce.
Across various parts of Florida, children are being taken from their families unfairly because of certain corrupt employees inside of DCF (Department of Children and Families). Dulce and her families are victims of this corruption.
I first met Dulce because she and her mother were renting a house that I rented to her uncle.  I have known Dulce since the day she was born and saw her frequently as I maintained my rental houses and apartments in Arcadia.  When she was a month old I would babysit her, along with my daughter, while her mother worked.  At three months old, Dulce would whimper when I came in to the house when I picked her up she would stop and be so happy. When Dulce would go with me in the car she would bend her neck around and would not take her eyes off of me. By the time she was six months old, when I visited her home, she only wanted me and when I had to leave she would continuously cry.  She loved me and I loved her just as much.  When she was eight and nine months old she started saying “dad dad” to me.  Her mother said that when she was sick during the night she would call for her “dad dad.”  She always wanted her daddy more than anyone else. 
When she was one-year-old, her mother and aunt told me they wanted to contact the father again and give him an opportunity to be in her life.  Although I was not in favor of this at first, I knew it was the right thing to do because he was the biological father.  Once the aunt and mother contacted him, they found him to be married.  His wife said, “you are not the father and will have nothing to do with her.”  The father and his wife left the next day and went back to Mexico.
As time went on, our father-daughter relationship grew even stronger.  In April 2010, the mother signed temporary custody papers so that I could care for Dulce and  get her emergency care if she needed it.  From the time Dulce was born the mother signed permission papers allowing me to  take her to her normal Doctor visits. I never missed one.
The mother is now having good days and bad days – more good days than bad.  Dulce began to spend more and more time with me.  Then, Thanksgiving 2010 Dulce came to live with us full time.  I used to take Dulce to see her mom three or four times a week.  We used to go to Burger King or the park so that her mother could watch her play.  On her bad days, we would have to leave without Mom getting to see her play.
The aunt and uncle would visit every Sunday to see Dulce and her mom.  Many times I have invited DCF (Dept Children and Families) and Guardian Ad into our home to see how well she was doing; they never visited.  We are also fighting for custody for her sister, Leslie, which I will not go into details as this case is ongoing.
On April 19, 2011, a DCF supervisor, came to our house to take our daughter away to a foster home.  It has been 90 days since DCF took Dulce.  I have never lived through this much pain before in my life.  Everyday gets harder, not easier.  There is little I can do because of all the corruption in DCF.
 I need help on fighting the corruption in DCF.  Please reply below with your comments and support.

DCF Florida Save Our Children.

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